Electrical Safety Issues

A guide to Electrical Safety for Tenants

By February 7, 2020No Comments

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) has recently published a guide to Electrical Safety in Rental Properties – Tenants Guide.  This is a document aimed at educating tenants on their roles and responsibilities when it comes to electrical safety in their rented property. Developed in consulation with Tenants Queensland it contains at-a-glance information on the following subjects…

  • Safety Switches
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Dangers of DIY Electrical Work
  • Dangers in Roof Spaces
  • Tingles or Shocks
  • Checking and Maintaining Electrical Appliances
  • Buying Electrical Appliances Online
  • Overhead Power Lines, Service Lines & Underground Lines
  • Electricity Outage, Brown Outs & Surges
  • Electricity Accounts

It’s a handy tool that outlines some simple things tenants can do to make using electricity in their home as safe as possible. Use the link Electrical safety in rental properties – tenants guide for further information.

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